Finding Your Niche Starts with Identifying Your Passion

Finding your niche is not a mental exercise as much as it is an exercise of the heart. I love reading Gary Vaynerchuks 'Crush It Cash in on Your Passion'. A new economy is emerging and the new currency is information. Developing a successful niche is as much about developing an authentic personal brand. Gary in his most personal and unique style tells us that regardless of how obscure or unusual our passion and our niche that with persistence we can find our niche audience. The people who are looking for what we have to offer.

One thing is for sure if you pick  a niche just because you think it will be a big money maker but you don't love it, chances are you won't see much come from your efforts. Plus, it so much better to work hard at something you absolutely love.

What is Your Unique Offering?

Think about all the things that make you special. How do these gifts, talents and skills relate to your niche? Detail this out. I find addressing your unique offerings is a process so keep fine tuning. You will know when you hit a upon it. I have changed my tag line after my name simply because I am in the state of self discovery and fine tuning my brand.

Personal Branding is Key

What is personal branding? It is your persona, what makes you, you. It entails your core values, your style, your story, your skills, and even how you present yourself. The key is to be real and also strike the balance of your personal life and your professional life. People want to know who you are minus the dirty laundry if there is any. Your intention is to develop your personal brand by being yourself and offering tremendous value. Your goal is to be the thought leader within your niche.

My brand entails network marketing, personal development, social media, blogging and online marketing. Because I'm passionate about my spiritual life and living by spiritual principles I weave this throughout my writing and feel of my online presence.

Your personal brand is not just what you say but how you present yourself to your online audience. Everything from the colors you use, graphics and all the rest. Even what mediums you prefer, from writing to video.

Who is Your Target Market?

Define the people whom you are looking for and those looking for what you have to offer. What is their age, where do they live, what do they do for a living, what stage of life are they in and where do they hang out on the web? What are their desires and their pain points? What do they love? Your niche should cater to the needs of your audience while also being true to you.

Where Does Your Target Market Hang Out?

Under your niche do a Google search for forums within your niche. You can also do key word searches within Facebook and Twitter as well. Build up your networks on social media and drive them to your blog. Remember you are targeting an audience that is interested in what you have to say.

Do Some Key Word and Long Tail Keyword Research

Once you have identified your passion and picked a niche that excites you, do some research.  Look for any related phrases or long tail key words that a person may type into google to find the niche you represent. Write your posts and create your videos with these key words and key word phrases in mind. You will find by doing this that your writing and your videos will cater to those key words and key word phrases so the people looking for you and what you have to offer within your niche can find you.

Find Your Marketing Sweet Spots

Through your key word and key word phrase research you will identify those sweet spots within your niche and the key word phrases you identify for your posts and videos. The key is to strike a balance between phrases that have a healthy monthly searches but not too competitive. You goal is to identify under promoted key word phrases within your niche that you can capitalize on in your marketing.

To Sum it All Up

Discovering your niche and your unique slice of the pie within that niche gives you a platform where you can shine. You are no longer trying to be all things to all people. You now have the opportunity to create a tremendous enterprise by being yourself, offering tremendous value and living your passion. Live your life full out on purpose and attract your tribe. Go Crush It.