What are the costs (monthly) to affiliate with KSI?
Kovack Securities monthly affiliation fees are $470. This includes $345 for your Errors & Omissions insurance and fidelity bond coverage ($1 Million dollar per claim & 3 Million dollar Aggregate; $50k deductible) and $125 for your technology fee. Our technology fee includes:

  • KSI InTouch Advisor Portal, our Broker/Dealer & RIA/ Advisory Services platform $0
  • E & O Insurance $345
  • Wealthscape or NetX360® Access $50
  • RiskPro $50

What are my additional technology charges?
In addition to the above you can also select from two versions of Albridge Solutions (Portfolio One) which offers customized consolidated reporting. Basic $75, Enhanced $150 (not mandatory). First three months with KSI will be provided free of charge.

E-Mail Registration/Renewal & Cybersecurity Bundle Fee (charged annually $350, FINRA mandated)

How many advisors and home office staff does KSI have?
KSI has approximately 400 advisors across the United States and Puerto Rico, with more than 70 home office staff based in our Ft. Lauderdale, FL headquarters.

Do you have a list of products you offer?
Yes, you can find a complete listing of our approved products here.

Do you have an Annual National Conference and/or an annual education conference?
KSI holds an annual National Conference for ALL of our advisors. There are Benefit levels for those that qualify based on their previous years Gross Dealer Concession. We also hold an annual ONLINE Meeting, to ensure our Advisors complete their CE.

What is your payout & Firm Minimum GDC?
KSI offers an industry competitive payout. If you have previous year’s production of $100,000 or more, we offer the possibility of running your own branch. If your production is under $100,000, we encourage you to contact us so we can tell you about the Non-Branch opportunities available to you.

The Standard KSI Payout is 85% from $ 0 – $100,000 & 90% thereafter. You must generate at least $75,000 to join KSI. Larger OSJs and offices can qualify for a higher payout. Please contact your Recruiter to discuss this option.

Can I work from home office, or do you have space in an office?
You are welcome to work out of your home, or if you prefer, you can have an office in your local area.

What is my cost for my Branch Audit?
KSI charges $500.00 for a scheduled audit, (frequency varies based on the type of branch).

What firm do you clear through?
KSI & KAI offers brokerage clearing support through National Financial (NFS) & Pershing, LLC; the world’s two largest providers of brokerage services to independent professionals. KSI & KAI also use the services of TD Ameritrade, IWS & PAS.

Does KSI & KAI allow advisors to have their own RIA?
Through KSI & KAI’s open architecture platform, we offer advisors the flexibility of having their own RIAs. We also offer the option to operate under the firm’s SEC Corporate RIA.

Do you have an Insurance Division?
Yes. KSI Insurance Services allows you to use top carriers and partners to help increase your insurance production. This production counts towards your overall production goals when qualifying for top producer trips and awards conferences. It is not mandatory to use this entity while affiliated with KSI, but encouraged.