"Your B/D Should Offer More Than Just Service"

Unlike many other firms, KSI does not develop or market its own financial products. We do not make markets in securities, risk firm capital nor push proprietary products. We have one goal, one Mission: Service our Client, the Advisor.

KSI offers a Registered Investment Advisory service through Kovack Advisors. Kovack Advisors separately managed accounts offers a unique selection of fee-based programs designed for use with annuities, life insurance products as well as traditional mutual fund, stock and bond accounts.

KSI Insurance Services is our Fixed Insurance division which provides an array of Insurance Products and services through Independent Brokerage and Fixed Insurance Partners to all of our Advisors and Agents.

Fidelity Investments


KSI uses both Fidelity Clearing & Custody Solutions, wholly owned by Fidelity Investments, and Pershing, a BNY Mellon Company which provide financial and investment services to a global correspondent firm network.

Members of the New York Stock Exchange, both clearing firms provide a broad range of investment-related products and services to the financial services community, which includes clearance, execution, settlement and management information services.

By leveraging their technology, products and operations capabilities, our clearing firms provide a comprehensive package of products and services.

Personalized Service

At KSI we cater to our Advisors & Representatives by providing them with the personal service they need in order to accomplish the specialized services which they offer. Some of the personal services which you can expect to receive include:

Access to Our Senior Management: As a KSI Advisor or Representative, you will have the ability to pickup the phone at any time and speak directly with senior management. By taking a personal interest in each of our Advisors and building a long-term relationship, at the top management level, we set the tone for service by all KSI employees ensuring that all our Advisors needs are met in a timely and efficient manner. The result is that our representatives have a meaningful voice in setting company policy.

Operational Support: One of the main reasons why we have been so successful is the enormous amount of support which we provide to our representatives. We maintain one of the highest broker-dealer ratios of Advisors to operational staff with an average ratio of 6-to-1. Because we understand that it is impossible to be an expert in every area of your business, our goal is to provide answers to any of your questions, no matter how difficult, within 24 hours. Our Staff has been growing every quarter proportionately.

Kovack Securities offers personalized service

Freedom & Flexibility: At KSI you will have the freedom and flexibility to structure your own financial planning, investment or insurance practice to suit your individual needs and lifestyle. You will not be pressured to sell specific products or to meet monthly management quotas. This means you will be able to set up your business any way you want it. With a Registered Principal license (S24), you will have the option of recruiting your own representatives to manage and supervise. Essentially, you will have the freedom to tailor a business for yourself, and your firm, so when you decide to retire you may sell your book or pass it on to future generations.

Ease of Paperwork & Procedures: Because our management and operational team have prior sales experience, we understand the need to have paperwork refined and as simple as possible. As such, we have created documents which are straightforward and easy to complete. We have also designed our operating procedures to be just as simple. Both forms and procedures can be obtained at any time by access and download through the Internet. The result is that you are able to save time and energy, freeing you up to do the things you do best. An Advisor can elect to use the Paperless environment or do it the Old Fashioned way.... We are proud of that approach and philosophy.

Payouts & Fees

Our Payouts are among the most competitive in the Independent Broker Dealer arena.

We have always frowned upon and not appreciated the unclear Payout Explanations many Broker /Dealers have given Advisors. It is our Mission to always be CLEAR & UPFRONT about "YOUR" commissions.

Standard Advisor Payout:
$0 - $100,000 85%
$100,000.01 - $1,000,000.00 90%
$1,000,000.00 & Higher Negotiable

All Reps & Advisors must show a current and proven production run of at least $50,000 in GDC to qualify for the Standard Commission Grid. (Gross Dealer Concession, net of Ticket Charges)



Clearing Services


Albridge - PortfolioOne



Transition Specialist

When choosing to join KSI, our transition team starts working with you immediately to ensure your business and accounts transfer as quickly as possible. You will be assigned a Transition Team Leader who will be instrumental in connecting you and your clients with KSI and our Clearing Firms efficiently - working within your time frame. A step-by-step Transition Guide is available to you which covers every aspect of your move. Let us work for you.

Transition Team Leader - Our Team Leader will guide you every step of the way and your move to KSI. Along with a comprehensive list of key personnel to help with the move, a detailed transition timeline will point out the key departments involved in the process. This includes:

Transition Specialist
  • The Licensing Department transfers your securities and insurance licenses quickly and efficiently.
  • The Compliance Department works with you to assist in setting up your office properly. They advise and consult to help you stay within guidelines.
  • The New Account Department helps you in establishing your KSI brokerage accounts.
  • The Commissions Department works with you from the first day to ensure you understand the compensation structure and your commission statements.
  • The Advertising Principal works with you to arrange your client announcements and to make sure your communications with the public meets FINRA and KSI Compliance requirements.
  • The Trading and Operations Coordinators will provide training for you on the full-service equity, fixed income and mutual fund desks provided by our clearing firms.
  • The KSI Transition Team Leader will train you and your staff on the ever changing technology our Firm provides all of our Advisors.

The Transition Team Leader will provide you with support before, during and after you join KSI. You will receive one-on-one assistance from the Transition Team Leader, as well as on-going telephone training for your staff. Our Business Development Department will assist you in marketing and discounts which are available to all advisors via the "Your Practice" portion of our intranet website. Other areas your Transition Team Leader will assist with include RIA needs, stationary and ACAT's.

Fee-Based Advisory

Kovack Advisors is a Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) registered investment advisor based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with advisors located throughout the country. Kovack Advisors offers a complete offering of fee based accounts and platforms for institutional and private investors. Our KAI Choice platforms include professional third party money managers within separately managed accounts / Unified Managed Accounts, exchange trade funds, Variable Annuity Wrap and Advisor Directed & Managed wrap-accounts.

Kovack Advisors is a Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) registered investment advisor based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with advisors located throughout the country. Kovack Advisors offers a complete offering of fee based accounts and platforms for institutional and private investors. Our KAI Choice platforms include professional third party money managers within separately managed accounts / Unified Managed Accounts, exchange trade funds, Variable Annuity Wrap and Advisor Directed & Managed wrap-accounts.

Kovack Advisors uses Kovack Securities to act as an introducing Broker-Dealer on a fully disclosed basis when opening customer accounts at either National Financial Services (a Fidelity Investments Company - ( www.nationalfinancial.com) or Pershing (a Bank of New York Company - www.pershing.com). Kovack Advisors also has clearing agreements with Fidelity's Institutional Wealth Services (IWS) and TD Ameritrade.

Kovack Advisors was formed with the intent of offering each Investment Advisor Representative and Registered Investment Advisory Firm the freedom to provide unbiased financial guidance to their clients. Because we are independently owned and operated, our advisors offer each client non-proprietary fee based platforms which are designed to suit their specific needs. More in-depth information can be seen at www.kovackadvisors.com


We are continually meeting the demand for leading-edge financial products that are flexible and structured to meet your changing lifestyle and individual needs. In addition to world class clearing, execution, custody and settlement services, KSI and its clearing firms provide all of it with a truly comprehensive package of related products and services. As a KSI Advisor you will have access to cutting-edge products that will help you build your practice.

KSI Product List

General Securities
Our brokerage services include access to domestic stocks, U.S. Government Securities, Corporate Bonds, Tax Free Municipal Bonds, Money Market Accounts, and Certificates of Deposits.

Mutual Funds
We offer an almost unlimited universe of mutual funds from which to choose. Funds can be purchased directly through brokerage accounts via wire order execution through our trading platforms.

Managed (Wrap Fee) Accounts
Our fee-based accounts are offered through Kovack Advisors, an SEC Registered Investment Advisor. Kovack Advisors offers multiple types of advisory accounts including Advisor Directed, SMA, UMA, Mutual Fund Wrap and Annuity. Our proprietary trading platform allows advisors to build models and trade multiple accounts.

Insurance & Annuities
KSI Insurance Services is affiliated with a wide range of insurance and investment companies and are able to provide a full portfolio of high-quality products including fixed and variable annuities, life, health and disability insurance as well as long-term care insurance. KSI Insurance Services acts as the Master General Agent (MGA) for all of the advisors wishing to utilize our services for their fixed and variable insurance needs.

Centralized Asset Accounts
The Brokerage Portfolio Account & Pro CASH Accounts are centralized asset and cash management accounts designed to provide both individual and business clients with greater control over their assets. It has powerful features designed to help save time, make it easy to organize financial data and help build a strong financial portfolio. They offer competitive rates of return on money fund balances and simplified record-keeping, all while maintaining financial flexibility. VISA Gold debit/ATM card and unlimitedcheck-writing are also a feature of these accounts.. Additional features include electronic access for direct deposits, withdrawals and systematic investments, and convenient borrowing of up to 50 percent of the value of the marginable securities in your account.

Fidelity - Wealthscape℠
As a KSI Rep you have round-the-clock access to Wealthscape, the premier online service from NFS (National Financial Services is wholly owned by Fidelity Investments). Wealthscape provides you with secure, on-line, timely information on your account using your existing web browser through either Microsoft Internet Explorer. Access your brokerage account information and much more anytime, anywhere. This service has been improving every quarter with all of the latest Technological advances in the industry.

In addition, you can access interactive charts, profiles, company news, and other helpful information updated with delayed market data.

Pershing - NetX360™,
NetX360™, Pershing's revolutionary technology platform for investment professionals and RIAs, providing the tools needed to manage clients' accounts, deliver first-rate service, and develop new sales and revenue opportunities. NetX360 offers one complete solution to efficiently manage your entire business, whether it's commission or fee.

Take advantage of the many benefits of NetX360 to help you grow your business and reduce expenses, increase efficiency and productivity, enhance compliance oversight, and access industry-leading solution providers to accelerate your performance. NetX360™ provides one complete solution, combining the best of the brokerage and advisory worlds onto one platform, to make it easier for you to grow your business. In addition, the market data, tools, and analytical capabilities available throughout NetX360 will help you identify potential revenue generating opportunities from both new and existing clients.

From sales to transaction processing and from trading to managing compliance risks, NetX360™ will simplify your daily tasks, enabling you to save time, reduce errors, and accomplish more. Click here to learn more.

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